Illinois Storyteller Profile


Name:Mann, Richard
Company Name:
Telephone:(773) 293-7842

Bio:My work strives to celebrate the innocence, joy, and wonder of the human spirit. The vocabulary which would capture its essence is best expressed in the silent awe and delight that we have each experienced as we encounter the unexpected.

Recall what you felt when seeing a shooting star in the night sky; a butterfly lighting on your hand; meeting a young fawn on a forest path; hearing your child laugh for the first time.

Your breath is halted, your heart skips, time stops just for a moment. The moment passes but the memory lingers…you know and you understand…that’s magic in its purest.

Born of dreams and whimsy, my work is about shifting perspectives and expectations; allowing the improbable to become possible while playfully confounding the comforts of a rational mind.
Age Groups:Elementary, Grades K-5
Story Types:Folk Tales/Fairy Tales/Fables/Tall Tales
With Magic
With Puppets/Props
Workshops using Storytelling:For Educators
For Students