Judith Heineman, Storyteller
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Judith Heineman is a storyteller, producer and teacher, who has been selected as an Illinois Humanities Council "Road Scholar" and an Illinois ArtsTour and Residency Artist. She co-chaired the July 2003 National Storytelling Conference in Chicago, and presented a workshop on Tale Variants at the 2004 National Conference in Bellingham, WA. She is the producer of The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival and Tellabration, the adult Storytelling festival that she brought to Chicago in 1997. Judith has created programs for numerous museums, festivals and schools and has appeared at the Chicago Humanities Festival.


"We would travel far to be in the audience of this wonderful storyteller."

Gloria Needlman, Emeritus Teacher, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools


Sample Programs


All programs can be adapted to fit audiences from elementary school to seniors


The Magic Carpet: Mesopotamian and Egyptian Myths - the dramatic discovery of some of the world's first stories


Grimm's Grimmest - the darker side of traditional fairy tales


A Garden Variety - nature-based myths, legends and folktales


A Yiddish King Lear - personal family stories and others from the Jewish tradition


A Whirl of Tales - world-wide folktales that honor the wisdom of children and elders


Memory, Myth, Experience and Tradition - an on-your-feet workshop designed to put your own twist on a traditional tale and actively involve an audience


Songs and Stories from

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt


Join storyteller Judith Heineman and musician Daniel Marcotte to find out how tales like Star Wars and Harry Potter got their start. Learn how the world's first literature was inscribed on clay tablets, discover Gilgamesh, the world's first superhero, and be spellbound by ancient tales of quests, magic, monsters, and more!

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh

  • The Legend of Osirus

  • The Descent of Ishtar

  • City of Rainbows

  • The Egyptian Cinderella

  • How to Make a Mummy

  • The Clever Thief

  • and more!


Judith Heineman


Judith and Daniel have performed at the Oriental Institute, the University of Chicago, the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, and dozens of schools and libraries throughout Chicago and the suburbs. This duo brings music and stories to life, involving the audience in every tale! Daniel and Judith are an asset to any school, library, or museum at which Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia are studied. Fun and informative, suspenseful and action-packed, these stories will enliven the spirit, and expand the listeners' awareness of ancient cultures of the Middle East. Replica artifacts, costumes and early musical instruments enhance their program.


A Garden Variety of Songs and Stories


Featuring John Berquist and Judith Heineman


Judith and John offer world tales that interactively engage audiences in song and story. They specialize in nature-based stories for public and private garden events, museums, festivals, libraries, schools and more. They also conduct workshops for educators, students and parents.


Judith and John were among the first pilot teacher/tellers in the Words 37 apprenticeship storytelling program for the City of Chicago public high school students, having worked with bi-lingual students in the Mexican community of Pilsen and on Chicago's south side at South Shore High School.In addition, they tour extensively under a Rothschild Family Foundation grant to senior centers and nursing facilities.


They tour extensively under a Rothschild Family Foundation grant to senior centers and nursing facilities.

Judith tells in Central Park

Judith tells stories in Central Park, NY



In September 2011 storyteller Judith Heineman joined Ann Becker on her annual "Spanish/Cultural Immersion Trip in Costa Rica," to improve her Spanish, learn about Costa Rican culture and customs, and gather new material for her storytelling.


On the group's last full day at Cabina Manolo, a small locally owned lodge on the Osa Peninsula, Mauricio, the lodge manager told Judith the story of "La Mona".


Judith shares her interpretation of "La Mona" here.



Selected Appearances

  • Chicago Humanities Festival

  • Illinois Storytelling Festival

  • Museum of Science and industry

  • Adler Planetarium

  • Ghost Stories in the Park in the Dark, St. Charles

  • Tellabration, Chicago

  • Printer's Row Book Fair

  • 57th Street Children's Book Fair

  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park

  • Robie House

  • Earth Day Festivals

  • Osaka Gardens, Chicago

  • Community Building Storytelling Project

  • Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

  • Off and Off Off Broadway

  • Actors Alliance, Inc., New York City

  • National Public Radio

Commission Programs

  • Oriental Institute Museum at the University of Chicago

  • Chicago Historical Society

  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

  • The Peace Museum, Chicago

  • Manhattan Theatre Club, New York City

  • William Carlos Williams Center for the Performing Arts, Rutherford NJ

  • New York Poetry Performance Ensemble