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Storytelling in Corporate & Organizational Settings

Stories . . .

. . . articulate or revitalize mission, vision, values and action

. . . improve communications and brand identity

. . . are a powerful vehicle for personal and organizational change.

. . . bring a diverse workplace culture or community together

. . . move through the stress of transition and transformation

A BRAND is a living story. It is dynamic, confirms identity and invites participation. The brand story speaks to both internal and external audiences. The story you tell internally is often not the story that is told about you externally. A powerful brand listens as well as speaks to the communities it serves.

EFFECTIVE LEADERS know the power of story. They share experience, vision and mission through well-crafted stories. They tell them purposefully, invitingly and often. Stories are remembered and continue to motivate and give meaning long after the first hearing.

Among them is Loren Niemi, who probably could be called the godfather of modern Minnesota storytelling. "One of the great things about storytelling is that it calls to both sides of the brain at once," said Niemi, a teacher, author and corporate consultant. "It calls to that side which is logic, and it calls to that side which is intuition. It calls to that side which is emotion, and it calls to that side which is structure."
St Paul Pioneer Press 11/02/01

INNOVATORS know that stories access both sides of the brain and provide the metaphoric container to answer "what if . . ." and "what next . . .". Stories take us into the creative realm and allow us to report back again.

POWERFUL TEAMS/COMMUNITIES function within a shared story. Stories build understanding and extend trust. When teams/communities are crippled by the unconscious storytelling it is expressed as rumor and gossip, cultural fears and prejudice. Conscious storytelling let's us know where we've been, why we're here and where we are going.


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